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Amaris de Carpathia-Umbramnia

Born of the northern tribe of Gypsies in the Carpathian Mountains.

Amaris was born and raised in Meran, a small city nestled between the Mountains of Barazul. Her father, Octavian Elvea'Saa, was one of the most respected wizards in town and had high hopes to pass his knowledge on to his firstborn son. Tadea, his wife, taught the talented youth in art and was famous for her drawings and poetry.

To Octavian's dismay, Tadea gave birth to a daughter and was not able to carry any further children. Though disappointed in having only a girl, he took her under his wings and taught her the art of magic. Amaris knew from an early age that her father did not approve of her. Many years of studying and long nights crouched over spell books followed. During this time she realized that she could not please her father and grew self-conscious with every day passing by.

To strengthen Octavian's position within the city, the young elf was to be married into the most powerful house in Meran. The night her father told her, that she would meet her soon-to-be husband the next day, Amaris stormed out and quickly packed a few things before bidding her mother fare well and fleeing the city. She never once looked back...

Amaris would soon be confronted with a story that would not only force her to look back but also make her face what lay ahead of her.

No, Tadea and Octavian didn’t marry for love but they acknowledged the wishes of their parents and learned to care for each other over time. As years passed by, the wish for a child grew strong but it was evident that Tadea wasn’t blessed with a baby of her own.
Devastated by her fate, she convinced her husband to adopt an infant and raise it as their own.

So they traveled the lands and one dark evening, came upon a band of gypsies. There it was they met the mysterious yet charming Michael. The Elvea’Saa’s decided to rest in his camp for the night and as they were sitting around the fire, the reason for their travel came up. As it turned out, Michael knew of a woman who just had given birth to a baby girl but wasn’t able to keep her. He slipped away from the group to return seconds later with a quiet little bundle and laid it in Tadea’s arms. As she pulled away the blanket and looked into the babies bright blue eyes, she knew right there and then, that she had found her child.

“How much gold does the woman want for the baby?” she asked, while holding the infant’s tiny finger and softly cradling her. Michael set across the fire, his face illuminated by the flames as he closely watched the elven couple in front of him. A few moments passed and he finally said “No gold but a vial of red potion. I’m sure you won’t have trouble to provide it.” His gaze turned to Octavian and a knowing smirk, creeped over Michael’s face. The mage knew very well what the gypsy was asking for and under different circumstances, he would have not even considered such a deal. But he watched his wife with the baby and he knew it would break her heart, if she would have to part with the child. It was at this moment, that Octavian closed off his feelings for the girl. A person would die if he’d give the potion to Michael, for no other reason was such a vial brewed. The thought pained him and he blamed the child for his miserable situation.

Against his feelings, he brewed the potion that same night and traded the vial for the baby girl. They left the camp shortly after, bringing their new daughter Amaris back to Meran.
If only they would have taken their time, they would have seen a frantic woman by the name of Whisper and her husband Magician, searching the camp the following morning. Their baby had been stolen out of its crib and the entire family was looking for the girl.

The de Carpathia’s, would never find out what happened to their child but they hoped that one day…the truth would shine through.

Children: None
Siblings: Fithlanthas, Romani, Rebeca,
Cousins: Sinopa, Ilena, Valashrect,  Vida