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Dascia Umbramnia-de Carpathia

A human mother brutally violated by a disgusting ogre, left to birth
the babe alone. Quickly finding its ogre form after birth she quickly
discarded it and left it with the vile ogres to fend for itself. The
poor child grew up weak in the eyes of the ogres and discarded because
of her human side. Two halves constantly fighting each other. Raised
alone and confused she finally found herself thrust into a world she
knew nothing about. Many looked upon her heritage with disdain and
barely treated her as a pauper until the Guild of Warriors took her
into their fold at the tender age of 17 and taught her the necessary
skills to keep alive in a hostile environment. Tutored by good friends
she grew and prospered. Achieving fame as well as friends. But still
lonliness hung in her heart. She knew no family and while she had
friends. She had no one close.

A kind woman took her into her family and she became the daughter of
Rebeca but the girl knew she still didn't belong. So she set out to
find herself. She quickly found others like herself. In the city of
Opallinoc she found Klaatu and many others who helped her adjust.
Others too weak for the ogres and too strong for the humans to cope
with. She felt she fit in and travelled between the guild in Darkhaven
and Opallinoc frequently spending time with both sets of friends.

Finding a spouse proved tricky, several marriages all ended in
sadness. Could no one understand the poor soul trapped in her body?
Syniad, gone. Aloona, Gone. An affair with her guildmaster left her
with husband number three. Still something was missing. She left them
all and couldn't stay tied down to one person. Her soul cried out for

One night left alone to her thoughts, lying half awake and half asleep
on her bedroll a whispering voice entered her mind. Luscious thoughts
of valor and honor and something darker filled her visage. She rose in
her half conscious state and set out on a journey. Towards what she
had no idea. Driven nearly insane by the voice forcing her onward.
Through the mourning forest, and into the forgotten city of thalos.
The voice took her towards a temple, it called to her very soul and
promised sweet nothings.

A wide mouth opened wide and sucked her into it. Devils and soulless
beings fled past her as she tumbled into an unholy place. Those around
her found the riches and power in this darkness. This defouled place
whispered and Dascia quickly found herself whispering the binding
words. Giving her soul to ba'al to grasp her full potential.

Power flowed through her as she abandoned her Guild friends and was
thrown into an Order of mighty beings and rich rewards. Becoming more
than just a simple swordsman she grew into a master of her own
destiny. Thoughts of love discarded for the feel of the taint.

Fallen smitten with two other ladies of the swarm they commence
themselves into the vows of commitment. Mari and Cathrine. Yes..
Together their power is more than one. Its threefold. May the world
quake in fear.