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Fithlanthas de Carpathia

Unaware of his origins, he found himself in Darkhaven, looking to get mage training, which he learned he   had a tendency to long before he remember himself. Trained by some old mages, masters in their arts,   Fithlanthas was a promising student of magic, also called as Fith by his mentors and friends. It was not   long before he become a powerful mage with all the knowledge, some not known to most, he managed to   gather along with his talents and took his place in the mage guild. He started to wear red robe as he   did not favor good or evil, after mistakenly being a white robe during his apprenticeship. He travelled   around realms, meeting many people and new friends, most of which, he later would learn,were no friends.

One day he met Romani, when she wanted to rejoin to the guild of mages. It was not long before he   noticed he was in love with her, though it was also Romani which told him of his true origins, and that   she was his sister. This was good news for him, but also was bad news as his love did not seem to fade   away to a brotherly love. He continued his studies and travels in RoD, getting better in his magic each   day  but eventually he started to became uneasy in this world, friends turning up against him one by   one, the satisfaction of dealing with magic becoming less and less everyday. In the end he left the   guild of mages, his red robe, to become a nomad, looking for his own ways, his own magic. He was not   seen by many in RoD then on, however there were people who claimed they have sightings of him, wandering   in empty lands of Realms.

Siblings:  Amaris, Rebeca, Romani