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Michael de Carpathia

In these early years of the family she met Michael, the young and handsome elven king of the gypsies. After he took the throne upon GypsyKing's death and Whisper being taken away by the Magician, he had made a deal with the Dracule of Transylvania. For a long time the Dracule of Carpathia had fed upon his people in the forests of the mountain's of Carpathia's shadow. In exchange for this unholy alliance, his wife Secret (The one whose name is forbidden to be spoken for fear of incurring her wrath) for a blood bonding with the family to gain power and immortality. In the years that followed Romani merged with the blood clan and stood as Michael's consort, refusing to ever marry him upon hearing the rumors of what had happened to Secret .

Upon Michael's wanting to take their beautiful daughter Scarlette as his lover and keep her beauty immortal by making her vampire, Romani finally saw Michael for what he was. Michael wanted to keep her young and beautiful forever and gave the 15 year old child a glass of wine tainted with the blood of the vampire. Upon drinking it the child grew very ill as her life began to drain away. Romani, in a rage went to the leader of the Dracule and explained what had happened. Romani conspired to kill Michael for his deed as it broke their treaty and her heart. Romani drugged Michael, and as he slept in a deep sleep she cut his heart from his chest and threw it into the abyss. Sadly, Scarlette died that night, and when she was reborn she was killed in the pit of light by the Dracule.

Children: Scarlette, Giles
Siblings: Mingan