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Prina de Carpathia

Prina is the embodiment of the delicate graces of the gypsy. Her long red hair hangs in loose curls down the middle of her back tapering up to a crown of decayed leaves. Gazing out from under her long, flame-red cape, her dark emerald eyes are piercing. As a child of light, she nor believed nor cared in the magicks or unholy alliance of her people and the Dracule. Upon coming of age she was sent to the city of Sanctus Irae to keep her safe when she fell under the eye of one of the Dracule who sought to break the alliance and bring her into the folds of darkness.

Prina arrived in the city, the lovely young girl hoping to leave all the turmoil of her people behind. What she found in her fist night was the bite, one she claimed to be an insect, yet the people of the city knew better. A member of the city guard, Dray was the first to see the marks upon her neck. In an attempt to protect the maiden he placed her in the convent for safe keeping. After a few days of dealing with the prayer vigils and vespers Prina could take no more and ventured out to see the woman she was to rendezvous with in the city. The wounds almost healed, and the nightmares beginning to subside, Prina began to feel at peace once again. The elderly woman became alarmed when she gazed at Prina, seeing the paleness in her face and dark emerald eyes. She immediately contacted friends of hers traveling to the far north and despite protests from Prina, she required that she return to her home. The woman hoped that her parents would be able to lift the ever growing curse.

Venturing out into the wilderness with a maidservant, Anna, and under the command of Gustav they made their way northwards. Gustav was to take a local noble of Sanctus Irae to a abandoned castle, the castle of the Ice Maiden, then return Prina to the safety of the gypsies. Sadly, the noble betrayed them and called forth Ancient Lord Braiden with the use of Anna's last drop of blood. The noble had hoped to raise the ancient lord, but not knowing the spells requirements failed. Gustav lie upon the floor frozen as the noble spilled the last of Anna's blood into the goblet when he heard a whisper asking if he was willing to give his life so that Prina could be saved. Gustav, agreed and as the last of his life's breath was taken the Ancient Lord Braiden came forth.

Having been tasted by the Dracule, Prina is left with a decision to walk as she is now: half in life, half in death, or to cross over into the world of the undead. As a de Carpathian Gypsy who has shied away from the rituals, magicks and alliances of her people, she knows not what this will ultimately cost her.
 "Comes on silent wings in the night and wraps a deadly cloak about her victim; impartial as a die, unyielding as stone."
Determined to live,
Yet destined for death,
Surrender to me,
With your last dying breath,
I will give you pleasure,
Beyond anything known,
The last sound you utter,
Will be a rapturous moan,
Touch my hair while you kiss my lips,
Stroke my back and grasp my hips,
Embrace my arms, look into my eyes,
Fondle my breast and caress my thighs,
Fulfill your dreams and yield to me,
I am everything you want me to be,
I am your fantasy come for you,
Give into me and your dreams come true,
Such things come not without cost,
Come to me and your life will be lost,
But what can compare with eternal bliss,
That is the result of my passionate kiss,
I bring you pleasure, not fright,
But I am still a demon of night