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Rebeca Umbramnia-de Carpathia

   The child born of an affair between an elven man and a pixie woman, Rebeca was half of each. She had not been born at the time the affair ended, however. In fact, the elven man did not even know of the baby that  rested within the woman's womb as he left her the final time. A nearby woman, known for her magical way with herbs and medicines, was called to the pixie's side at the time of birth, and Rebeca was ushered into this world amidst the smells of many herbs.
   The first few years of her life, Rebeca learned as much as her mother could teach one so young. She taught her the first dabblings of magic and how to speak three languages as well as read each of them. She also taught her which animals were friendly and which were not, as well as how to forage in the wilderness for food. By the time Rebeca was seven years of age, she still seemed such a younger child, and the pixie knew her elven blood was starting to show. She felt it best to lie to her daughter and so spun a story of how her father was a hero and had died in a battle with a fierce troll. Rebeca took this story to heart and idolized her dead father, not knowing it for the lie it was.
   Shortly before she would have turned eight, a tragedy came to bear on Rebeca's short life. A band of goblins came from the nearby mountains and set fire to the only home she had known. As her mother tried to save the little girl, the leader of this band of goblins hit her in the head with a large mace, a mortal blow, though her death was not immediate. Seeing their work as finished, and not bothering with a tiny girl, they disappeared as they continued their journey of death. Rebeca, tears streaming from her eyes, crawled to her mother's side. Breathing heavily, the pixie uttered her last words to her daughter. "Remember your father, child. Remem..."  And she was no more.
   Hours later, as the sun was setting on the western horizon, a wagon of gypsies approached the smoldering remains of the house. Jumping down from the wagon, a woman approached the child, who had now lapsed into a comatose state of quietude. Taking a quick look around, she noticed nothing had survived the fire and the mother of this child had been dead for some hours. As she plucked the child from the ground beside her mother, the gypsy saw a book in the dead woman's hand. Deciding the child must have something from her past, she took the book and the child to the wagon. Placing Rebeca in the back with her own children, she tucked the book, which she now saw to be a journal of sorts, into her own bag against a day the child may take it as her heritage. For now, she decided, the child would be her and her husband's to raise. They set out again, leaving the ashes and smoke behind.
   In the back of the wagon, the little elf-pixie had no more tears and set out befriending her saviors and new family. Over the next several years, she came to be as a real daughter to the woman who had saved her and a true sister to their own daughter, Romani.
   When she reached the age of seventeen, a mere ten years after the brutal murder of her mother, her adopted mother decided she was finally ready to receive her only legacy from her true family. Taking her to a small clearing for privacy, the woman gave the old journal into Rebeca's hands and watched as her beloved adoptive daughter opened it and began to read. Watching smiles flicker over Rebeca's face, the woman was glad at her decision and stood to leave her to her reading. Looking up at the mother she had known for the past decade, Rebeca smiled and said a word of thanks before going back to the journal of her birth mother.
   Over the next few years, Rebeca read the journal several times, memorizing every word. Eventually, she realized she had a father out in the world somewhere she had never met and who did not even know she existed. Speaking with her new parents, she told them she wished to go on a quest to find this man and let him know of her existance. Knowing that her need for a blood relative was sincere, they agreed to let her go and sent her off with well wishes and plenty of supplies and gold for her trip.
   Throughout the next several years, Rebeca travelled far and wide, ever searching, but never forgetting her adoptive family. She stopped for short times in many towns and cities, most notably Darkhaven and Eldestra. Finally, she came to the city of Irae, where she decided she wanted to stay and make a life for herself. Thinking she might never find an end to her quest, she started reading everything she could, looking for some clue as to the whereabouts of a certain family name might be today. And so her quest continues.

Children: Daskor,Shadia, Dascia, Rikoles
Siblings: Fithlanthas, Amaris, Romani