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Romani de Carpathia
Magician and Whisper:          Age of Secrets
Magician  bargained with GypsyKing  for many nights for the return of his beloved Whisper. With young children to raise alone and the love of his heart taken captive he began to weave a magical spell about the King of the Gypsies. In a war that lasted almost a century, the spell had little hold. He sought out the ancient Dragon of old, and in combining his essence with that of the spell he was finally able to achieve his goal. In doing so he turned Whisper into a pure white mist, giving her leave from the young King to return to him.

Romani, the eldest child of Magician and Whisper, fell in love with the a new king of the Gypsies that had taken over in place of the one that had abducted Whisper. Magician and Whisper were both very upset by this and tried to send her away for her own safety. Being resourceful, she returned to Michael, the young king. She lived with him for years as his love, though she never married him. Michael had been married before to Queen Secret. In an unholy alliance with the Dracule, he had sacrificed her to the vampire. Romani and Michael had two children, Scarlette and Giles.

Upon Michael's wanting to take their beautiful daughter Scarlette as his lover and keep her beauty immortal by making her vampire, Romani finally saw Michael for what he was. Michael wanted to keep her young and beautiful forever and gave the 15 year old child a glass of wine tained with the blood of the vampire. Upon drinking it the child grew very ill as her life began to drain away. Romani, in a rage went to the leader of the Dracule and explained what had happened. Romani conspired to kill Michael for his deed as it broke their treaty and her heart. Romani drugged Michael, and as he slept in a deep sleep she cut his heart from his chest and threw it into the abyss. Sadly, Scarlette died that night, and when she was reborn she was killed in the pit of light by the Dracule.

In deep sadness, Romani began to wonder the world, much like the gypsies of old. She became lost in the forests when she was found by Ganymede, a dwarven Ranger.  He cared for her and taught her the ways of the land before he vanished, never to be heard from again. In time, Romani ventured north to the Emerald Isle, she came upon the god Herne the Hunter who, in the depths of the forest knew many secret and magical things. She spent time with him there within the forests of Dunhill before venturing back into the war-torn world.

Children through adoption: Kosaim, Langtoly, Kyaro, Jarhielt, Lanthaos, Sinistro, Raivanna
Siblings: Fithlanthas, Amaris, Rebeca
Grandchylder: NightGoddess, Kadea, Leala

~In The Distance~

We walked within our dreams
to a land so so far it seems,
where the white fur robe lays
beneath the tree,

And together We lay,
just You and Me,
the scent of the roses
and gardenias so sweet,
We know in our hearts
this was no chance meet.

Our arms so enfold,
Your soft hair I caress,

In the distance of the soft gentle night,
the two moons rose to lite the country side,

And there
we saw the unicorns play,

In the distance,
not so far away,
the warm red wine grows upon the vine,
We drink deeply,
Our lips they caress,
Our love needs no test,

And when You awoke
to the morning light,
You know
You were held
by a Princess all night

~Romani Princess~

The de Carpathian crest, a dagger 
with a thorned rose twisted 
around the blade and hilt. 



Let the fire flow
Through me, entering my nostrils,
Let the winds carry me aloft,
into the darkened night
Where the waters fly
about the heavens
in raging storms
Let the earth be far below me.
Let me see all,
Feel all,
Be all...

Let me fly to the heavens
in a flash of lightening.
Striking from within,
Engulfing me. 
Giving me new birth
within the clouds
That rain down upon the dying earth.
Give me peace in life,
Give me peace!

~Romani Princess~

~ Your Love ~
Your love fills my heart, my body
seeking the weakness of my deepest hearts desire
hungry for the silent pleasure of your touch
Your love burns into my soul
flaming passion, yet beyond to the heart
a fiery ember wrought with deepest love

Your love fills me with beauty
Of Faith and Need
Of secret depths of harmony
Your love sings to my very soul
with hopes, sweet pleasure
yet softer, deeper than a heart can travel

Your love washes over me with waves
Waves of pleasure, of desire
Writhing wild, delirious with passion
Caresses like a hundred angel wings
Always capturing me again
within your embrace

Your love cries for surrender
for the gentle stillness of my touch
for the seething depths of forever. 

~Romani Princess~ 

~If in Love~

If in love
I come to you
Forever know
My heart beats true
If in time
love doeth grow
forever yours
Am I, tis so
If in time
you turn away
forever tears
flow from that day
If in time,
you come again
with tears that flow
forever then,
you shall be "friend".

~Romani Princess~