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Scarlette de Carpathia

The eldest daughter of Michael and Romani. Scarlette is said to have the eyes of a dove and the spirit of the dragon's breath upon which she rode. Scarlette walked in light, her beauty was that of an angel. Her heart was pure as the new fallen snow. With the energy and life she brought forth within the Carpathian Castle Keep, none could resist her charms, least of all her own father. On the eve of her 15th birthday her father gave her a glass of wine that was tainted with the blood of the Dracule.

Upon Michael's wanting to take their beautiful daughter Scarlette as his lover and keep her beauty immortal by making her vampire, Romani finally saw Michael for what he was. Michael wanted to keep her young and beautiful forever and gave the 15 year old child a glass of wine tained with the blood of the vampire. Upon drinking it the child grew very ill as her life began to drain away. Romani, in a rage went to the leader of the Dracule and explained what had happened. Romani conspired to kill Michael for his deed as it broke their treaty and her heart. Romani drugged Michael, and as he slept in a deep sleep she cut his heart from his chest and threw it into the abyss. Sadly, Scarlette died that night, and when she was reborn she was killed in the pit of light by the Dracule.

Born of the northern tribe of Gypsies in the Carpathian Mountains.

Children: None
Aunts/Uncles: Fithlanthas, Amaris, Rebeca,
2nd Cousins: Sinopa, Ilena, Valashrect,  Vida
Cousins: Vida, Katrina