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Lord Capadocious

"The card that signifies you in this reading is the Four of Wands, It indicates you are one who is continually seeking completion, settlements. In work, you seek perfection. A completion of a thing built up with trouble and labor. You are also a great seeker of the subtleties. One who is known for his cleverness, mirth, love of beauty, one who craves success. You carry yourself in a graceful manner, despite your insecurities. Often times you enter into things without being fully prepared." 

"In the current environment around you there is much Lying, deceit, illusion, deception. Success for now is an illusion. There is one that seeks not only your destruction, but your banishment. She is known to drink, and is quite vane in how she portrays herself. She is close to you, too close. In her lust at not having you as she pleases, she seeks your undoing. "

"You are indeed an interesting man. It is so strange to see this card in this position. The current obstacle is seen in The Four of Cups. For some strange reason, you have trouble in receiving pleasures? It brings you anxiety to find that you are enjoying yourself. The ability to blend pleasure and success is something you must deal with. The cards see you as a stationary man who battles within himself for pleasure and happiness, yet fears it. "

Romani smiles at him. "So you are seeking a woman with red hair and blue-green eyes?" Romani winks, "Watch out for this one, she may be generous, but she can also be fierce. Though the seven of disks gives indication that beneath this current environment there will be hopes crushed, little will be gained in the end."

"In the past you were very prosperous, and you gained material things, as well as power, influence and rank. The Six of Disks, is a strong card of success, though it also indicates an insolent manner about the self." 

"The seventh card is the Princess of Swords, she is indicated as a woman with light brown hair and blue eyes, she is one of strength, grace, yet ill-dignified and frivolous. Watch out for this one, she seeks material gain only. The seventh card in a reading is a bridge between the past, the now, and the future." 

"In the future environment" Romani turns over the Eight of Cups. "Success will be abandoned. There is a decline of interest, successes will be temporary. Things, important things, will be tossed aside." Romani narrows her brow as she leans forward, gazing at the cups on the card. "There will be unrest, traveling, misery, repining, a seeking of riches restored." 

"Around a new love form, as is seen in the ninth card, the Two of Cups. It indicates around you that there will be harmony, love, warmth of friends. Together, the masculine and the feminine bond closely. And in here is where the challenge will come forth. The tenth card, The Magician. A casting of magic from both sides will fight in the future. There is a delving into the occult at work in hopes to sway its outcome. You will be in the midst of battles between good and evil, and with you"  

Romani leans back against her chair and smiles at Lord Capadocious, "I would say that reading, for the most part, was too predictable. You are not that transparent. Perhaps we can try again in the future?" Romani brushes a tendril of her red hair from over her dark green eyes before she lifts her mulled wine to her lips and drinks.