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SPIRIT WRAITH felt the attacks and the burn of Holy Water against the
flesh, pulling him out of his exhausted sleep. Even as he roused, he
heard his beloveds cry of anquish in his mind. Staggering, unknowing
of the distance he traveled, he swept to her, knelt at her side, tears
streaming as he saw the damage done to her lovely form. After so much
time fighting, watching many friends fall, but standing tall herself,
she had at last taken a fatal blow, and lay silent in a pool of crimson.

Rage and pain fought for predominance in his mind, but the pain won
out, Sighing, he kissed her lifeless lips, and ignoring his weakness,
picked up her body and carried her to his crypt, mindlessly of any in
his way. He could not think... could not let himself think. It was
too painful. He must concentrate on his beloved. Must do what needed
to be done for her. Afterward, he would sweep out for one last
destructive attack, regardless of the outcome. He knew he had only a
short time himself, but that was not something to worry about.

He dressed Romani in her finest outfit, softly washed the drying blood
from her, and combed her long tresses, then painstakingly lit a sea of
candles to light her unfaded beauty. He looked around, and for a time
let his mind drift back to those all to few times they had been
honored to share. Once more he kisses his beloved Romani, and
whispered to her.... "I am only leaving for a short time, then I will
be back..I promise...." Finally, his duty done to his beloved, his
mind began to feel the repressed rage growing inside of him.

Step by step, he plotted the next course of action. He would stike
one more series of attacks, and then come back to his beloved. Soon,
they would be together again.........

Warrior of Yggdrasil
Eternally bound to Romani