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Welcome to the
Familia de Carpathia

The Carpathians are allied with:

Family tree

During the age of the Vampire their wrath knew no bounds. The Gypsys, seeing their power and fury, made a deal to join with them in an unholy alliance. Thusly, the de Carpathian Family came into its own. A merger set on combining the ancient magic of the gypsy with the bloodlust of the vampires. Deep within the heart of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania Dracule himself wept when he saw the spawning of the family that would rule the shadows of the day just as the Dracule ruled the darkness of the night.

Romani is the Matriarch of the Carpathian Family. Sinopa, in Romani's absence, is taking care of the family. Romani took the throne after the falling of the Gypsy King Michael at her own hand. Michael fell to the evil magicks when he sought to take the hand of their daughter Scarlette as his lover and turn her into a vampire to preserve her beauty. Romani despite her intense love for Michael, killed him in cold blood.

Brief History
In ancient times when Darkhaven was but a new city, those that did not fit in were outcast into the darkness of the forests. Such was the plight of the gypsies that lingered in the shadows wielding their forbidden magic and gleaning a coin or two from passing citizens.

In their search for a home the outcast gypsies split into three groups. The first group, one bent on thievery, still exists to the south of Darkhaven, stealing bits of gold off those that dare to enter their world. The second group sought out other creatures that fully understood their sense of duty and ancient magic's, the vampires. The third group seemingly vanished from the lands, though rumors say that they clung to the darkened woods of the far north.

It is here, in the far north where the family de Carpathia came into power. With the fighting amongst the local vampire and the gypsies, a bargain was struck. The Dracule and the de Carpathia family entered into an unholy alliance. Born of blood, signed in blood both ancient and gypsy. The Dracule and the De Carpathia are bound:


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