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The de Carpathian Family has been around as long as recorded history. It is one filled with life, death, and unholy alliances.

Romani de Carpathia
It is said that the ghosts of all that have fallen over the years in the de Carpathian family still walk amongst the shadows. In death, Romani finally found her love in a ranger in the deep woods of the north. Visions of her dancing around a fire with Herne of the forest are reported by many that dare to enter the deep magical woods.

Romani was the Matriarch of the Carpathian Family. She took the throne after the falling of the Gypsy King Michael at her own hand. Michael fallen to the evil magic's when he sought to take the hand of their daughter Scarlette as his second wife. Romani despite her intense love for Michael, conspired with Misty, the servant of the household to bring down the King.

Darkhaven:     Cast out from The City of Light
Magician and Whisper:  Age of Secrets
Janus and De Sade:  The Time of the Italian Gypsies
Dragondyver:    The Twisting of Magic
Gypsies:    The Plight of the Outcast
Michael and Secret Dracule and the de Carpathia Family Alliance
Michael and Misty:   Beyond the Veil of Life
Michael and Romani:   Strengthening of the Family
Scarlette,  Giles, Lanthaos:  The Children of Carpathia
Michael Russo Gypsy Family:   Mingan, BladeMaster,
Romani Family:    Taildir, Ilena, Katrina, Fithlanthas, Sinopa
Katrina and Shadeaux:  The fall into Shadow
Inamor and Vida:   The Eternal Battle
Romani:    Death of the Eternal Princess
Sinopa:    The Defending of Carpathia
Familia de Carpathia:  Alliances

The Carpathians are allied with:


Darkhaven:                     Cast out from The City of Light

In ancient times when Darkhaven was but a new city, those that did not fit in were outcast into the darkness of the forests. Such was the plight of the gypsies that lingered in the shadows wielding their forbidden magic and gleaning a coin or two from passing citizens.

In their search for a home the outcast gypsies split into three groups. The first group, one bent on thievery still exists to the south of Darkhaven, stealing bits of gold off of those that dare to enter their world. The second group sought out other creatures that fully understood their sense of duty and ancient magic's, the vampires. The third group seemingly vanished from the lands, though rumors say that they clung to the darkened woods of the far north.

It is in the dark north woods that a mage of great power sought out the king of the gypsies, asking for the essence of song. The essence of song is one of the gypsy's most powerful magic, one that seduces and lures in those that would otherwise pass through their lands unpunished.  The creation of this powerful magic came from a bargain between the queen, a powerful mage in her own right, and a daemon. In exchange, the queen lost the power to conceive an heir to the gypsy throne.

Magician and Whisper:          Age of Secrets
The mage bargained with the king for many nights. Finally, the king agreed and asked for his wife, the queen of the gypsies to pass on a small piece of the essence. The queen's dark eyes sparkled as she heard tale of how the mage was seeking a way to master the dragons that the ancient mages of old had created. "Such powers of creation a mage has", she mused. The queen of the gypsies, lacking the power herself, wove something extra into the essence before consenting to give it to the mage.

After acquiring a drop of blood from the oldest of dragons, the mage began to weave his spell, mixing the blood of the dragon with the essence of gypsy song. In the moment, that the spell was complete a child of 17 sprung forth. Hair red as the dragons flame, eyes green as the magical woods, features delicate as the gypsy queen, the mage knew in an instant when he gazed upon her that the queen of the gypsies had swindled him.

Despite his anger and weakened state, he flashed a spell to attempt to destroy her, but instead sent the newly born child into the woods. With what little remaining strength he had he called after her, "Blast you Romani! You shall suffer for your people!"

Hence forth, her name was to be Romani, yet she had no knowledge of who she was or the strange powers and feelings that grew inside her body. She knew she was part elf as she had seen many elves in the woods. Though she resembled the elves, she was not fully accepted. She did not know not what the rest of her was, or who her people were.

After a year of living in the forest a elder paladin on a quest for his king came upon her as she sit beside the fires basking in its glow. At first his senses were confused, she appeared devout; a good soul yet there was something lingering beneath. He spent the night talking with her of the places he had seen and of a great city as he attempted to ascertain where she may have come from. "If you were full elf I could easily see this, but there is something else that makes me positive that there are magical forces at work here." He pondered a moment, as his eyelids grew heavy. "Hmm, perhaps the oldest of dragons would know?"  His words trailed off as he told her tales of ancient lands and new ones, all the places he had seen. Her eyes grew wide as she listened intently, her knowledge growing and the sense of the world that awaited her beyond the dark woods.

"You are of Carpathian blood", he softly spoke before leaning back against a tree for a moment. "I see it in you. I remember the gypsies that were banished from the city of Darkhaven long ago. It is said one group moved to the north, though no one has seen them for years." He smiled for a moment then slowly nodded off to sleep. The morning came and the elder paladin took young Romani to the city of Darkhaven and began helping her to learn her way.

Every day she tended to him much like a squire, making sure his horses were well cared for and polishing his armor for battles. He would come home from battles telling of how he vanquished evil and she would hang on his every word. He spoke of slaying a dragon causing her blood to run cold as though something had torn out a part of her soul. These feelings ripped her apart from within. She held silent while praying it was not the ancient dragons he once spoke of long ago.

As she went about her daily duties, she often passed by the High Tower of Sorcery where the mages Guild was located. Every time she passed the tower, she felt something, as though something within her longed to be part of this magic. As time went on the elder paladin would continue to go out into battle and always come back victorious. She would tend his wounds then he would go out again, until one day when he did not return; he had vanished, leaving Romani alone.

Romani began searching the lands for any that had knowledge of her past. After years of endlessly exploring the distant corners of the lands, she found nothing. Left with nothing but memories and strange feelings of magic, dragons, and music in her veins she sought out the Nation of Half-Elves as she thought they would be like her. Sadly, they were not, yet she did find a sense of home. She eventually sought out the Guild of Mages assistance in finding out who created her. However, even they were without answers she was warmly welcomed, learning their ways and wielding the magic they taught.

The de Carpathia Family known for many things, simplicity is not among these. In the early years of the family Michael, the king of the gypsies, made a deal with the Dracule of Transylvania. He exchanged his wife Secret for a blood bonding with the family to gain power and immortality. In the years that followed Romani merged with the blood clan and stood as Michael's consort, refusing to ever marry him upon hearing the rumors of what had happened to Secret (The one whose name is forbidden to be spoken for fear of incurring her wrath). Romani and Michael brought forth the child Scarlette, a child of immense beauty. When Scarlette came of age Michael tricked her into partaking of the vampire blood, turning her precious life to death. Upon Romani hearing of this, and his further plan to take their child as his wife she slew Michael, cutting out his heart.

Soon Romani returned to her journey, knowing more of her family now and who she was.  She went one single last attempt at finding out how she was created she headed out past the inhabited lands. Mingan and Tailadir attempted to stop her, but failed when she used her magical powers to turn invisible and fly from the castle in the deep of the night. Romani sought out the wisest of ancient creatures, an old dragon hidden in the darkness of the north. When she approached he raised his head and prepared to breathe his fiery death. He gazed at her a moment, puzzled, then realized that this was the child he heard tale of, a child whose blood matched his own.

Romani's heart sank as he spoke the words of her birth, of the gypsies, the mage and the essences that combined to form her being. As the words rolled off his fiery tongue, a misty like haze enveloped her and drew her frail mortal form to death. In her last moments as her spirit left her body she gave in to the half of her being that is not mortal, she left the mortal form behind. Thus, she travels now on a mist of dragons breath, letting the essences of her being finally, fully combine…

Romani leaves behind:
Children: Giles, Scarlette, Lanthaos
Siblings: Mingan, Taildir Valashrect, Ilena, Katrina, Fithlanthas, Sinopa, Inamor
Nieces/nephews: Vida

~If in Love~

If in love
I come to you
Forever know
My heart beats true
If in time
love doeth grow
forever yours
Am I, tis so
If in time
you turn away
forever tears
flow from that day
If in time,
you come again
with tears that flow
forever then,
you shall be "friend".

~Romani Princess~

~ Your Love ~

Your love fills my heart, my body
seeking the weakness of my deepest hearts desire
hungry for the silent pleasure of your touch
Your love burns into my soul
flaming passion, yet beyond to the heart
a fiery ember wrought with deepest love
Your love fills me with beauty
Of Faith and Need
Of secret depths of harmony
Your love sings to my very soul
with hopes, sweet pleasure
yet softer, deeper than a heart can travel
Your love washes over me with waves
Waves of pleasure, of desire
Writhing wild, delirious with passion
Caresses like a hundred angel wings
Always capturing me again
within your embrace

Your love cries for surrender
for the gentle stillness of my touch
for the seething depths of forever. 
 ~Romani Princess~ 


Let the fire flow
Through me, entering my nostrils,
Let the winds carry me aloft,
into the darkened night
Where the waters fly
about the heavens
in raging storms
Let the earth be far below me.
Let me see all,
Feel all,
Be all...

Let me fly to the heavens
in a flash of lightening.
Striking from within,
Engulfing me. 
Giving me new birth
within the clouds
That rain down upon the dying earth.
Give me peace in life,
Give me peace!
~Romani Princess~

~In The Distance~

We walked within our dreams
to a land so so far it seems,
where the white fur robe lays
beneath the tree,
And together We lay,
just You and Me,
the scent of the roses
and gardenias so sweet,
We know in our hearts
this was no chance meet.

Our arms so enfold,
Your soft hair I caress,
In the distance of the soft gentle night,
the two moons rose to lite the country side,
And there
we saw the unicorns play,
In the distance,
not so far away,
the warm red wine grows upon the vine,
We drink deeply,
Our lips they caress,
Our love needs no test,
And when You awoke
to the morning light,
You know
You were held
by a Princess all night
~Romani Princess~